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EO Private Servers

  • EOServ SLN

    Explore exciting EO private servers, offering fresh adventures beyond classic EO.

    14 Servers Available

  • Bones Underground

    Guilds, Pets, Capture The Flag, Spells, Fishing, Mining, Quests, Custom Events, Hundreds of weapons and armors, and so much more.

    55 Players Online

  • EO Nostalgia

    A server built off of the original EO with hundreds of custom items, maps, quests and so much more.

    22 Players Online

  • Endless Online Original

    Embracing original content, guided by community input. Try EO Original today!

    3 Players Online

  • EO Plus

    The same old classic endless feel, plus added a few new additions that we felt would suit the game.

    Play Today!

  • EO Classic

    Welcome to a version of Endless Online with everything just the way Vult-r left it!

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