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Introduction and Agreement

By accessing, registering, or using EODash.com ("EODash", "our", "we", or "us"), including any associated web pages and applications, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service ("Terms"). Please read these Terms carefully and ensure that you understand them before you use the services provided by EODash.com. If you do not agree to these Terms, you must refrain from accessing or using our website and services.


EODash offers a variety of tools and services for Endless Online (EO) game server information, including but not limited to:

Player Related
• Leaderboard of EO players
• Leaderboard of EO guilds
• Leaderboard of EO players who have reached the level cap
• List of currently online players

Media Related
• EORadio music player
• EO related media content
• EO player statistics
• New client download (when available)
• EO related guide content
• Quality EO private servers

• Soup of the day
• Milk of the day

Client Monitor Page

This page monitor's the endless online website for new client versions & displays any changes discovered for 3 days.

Rest API

This API provides users with all EODash data for easy application access. This API may be updated from time to time, which may cause issues with your application.

Leaderboard and Online List

Our Leaderboard and Online List display data based on the activity of EO players. By playing EO, you acknowledge that your in-game activity, including character name and performance, may be visible to others. If you do not want your data displayed, please refrain from playing the game.

EO Media

The EO Media Page provides a space for those who stream and record EO related content. If you choose to not be featured you have the right to request your channel to not be displayed on this page.

EO Guides

Guides linked to the guides page have not been created by Vexx or EODash, as such EODash is not responsible for any miss-information found within these guides. If you have a guide for Endless Online which you would like featured, please contact Vexx via discord.

Private Servers Page

This page allows for EO alternatives to be advertised through EODash. If you would like your server displayed or removed, please contact Vexx via discord ( _v.e.x.x_ ),


Your privacy is important to us. Our Privacy Policy, which is separate to these Terms, describes how we collect, use, and protect your personal information. It also explains how you can control your information.


Our services are provided "as is" and we make no guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of any information found on EODash. We are not liable for any damages, losses, or harm resulting from your use or inability to use our services, or from any action or decision made as a result of using our services.

Changes to Terms

We may revise these Terms at any time. The most current version of the Terms, which will always be on this page, will govern our relationship with you. We will attempt to notify you of significant changes, but it is your responsibility to check this page periodically for updates.

Governing Law

These Terms are governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the location of our primary business operations. Any disputes must be handled in the jurisdiction of our primary business operations.


If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms, please contact Vexx via discord. By using our website and services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms.

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